With emergency supplies and planning materials, The Preparedness Box from Blue Sky Scout is the subscription box for women who are ready to feel ready. 


 "This is one of the best uses of the subscription box model I've ever seen. It's useful, it's important, it's not junk, and it meets a vital need that most people know they should attend to but don't know where to start." -  Kathy 

What people are saying about The Preparedness Box

"I thought the products were great quality. As a procrastinator prep-er I love this idea."  -  Jennifer

"I get overwhelmed with exactly what preparedness stuff to buy or focus on. Jenny has taken the work out of it and selects the best items to have on hand." -  Ruth

"It's obvious that a lot of thought and organization have gone into this comprehensive selection of emergency provisions." - Anne

"Lowers anxiety, increases confidence" - Kathryn

How It Works

When you sign up for The Preparedness Box, every month you will receive a box of five or more carefully selected preparedness and first aid supplies, with a different theme each month. After 12 months, you will have a full, comprehensive emergency kit.

Step 1

You place your order with confidence, knowing you can cancel at any time.

Step 2

We pack your box with at least 5-7 preparedness items in monthly themed modules.

Step 3

Your fun and functional supplies land on your doorstep monthly! 

You'll smile, feeling like the prepared and responsible adult you are.

What exactly do I get?

Each box includes approximately 5-7 preparedness items. Food and water is not included. (Need to know how much water to store? Go here to use our emergency water calculator.) 

Many months also include bonuses such as downloadable planning templates and training videos. 

Box Contents Examples:

Monthly modules include essentials, first aid, personal care, lighting, resourcefulness, warmth and shelter, and much more.

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