Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the Blue Sky Scout preparedness box?

Each month's themed module contains 5-7 preparedness items. The first box each subscriber receives is the Essentials box, with the basic items included in most over-the-counter emergency kits. Other module examples include first aid, personal care, lighting, and much more. Some supplies are consumable, such as bandages, and some are durable, such as tools. 

Please note that the website product images are representational only and do not necessarily reflect the actual products in the boxes. The boxes do not include food or water. (Need to know how much water to store? Go here to use our emergency water calculator.) Ready to subscribe?

How does it work?

When you subscribe we will pack your Essentials box, which will be sent out with our next monthly shipment. We ship the first week of each calendar month. (When you order from the 1st to the 15th of each month, your first box will ship the first week of the next calendar month. If you order after the 15th of the month, your first box will ship the first week of the second calendar month, so you may need to wait four to six weeks for your first box.)  The month after your Essentials box, you will receive the module all other subscribers get that month. Your subscription will automatically renew and post to your credit card on file around the 14th of each month unless you cancel before then. (See "How do I cancel" below.)

Is it right for my household?

Most of the durable supplies in the modules are good for the whole household (e.g. tools) or for one to two people (e.g., one headlamp, two ponchos) in order to keep our prices affordable. The use of the consumable supplies, such as bandages and soap, depends on how long the need lasts and what kind of injuries and circumstances you encounter. The products are selected with an all-hazards model in mind, meaning the array of products should help for a variety of emergency situations no matter where you are in the world.

How do I cancel?

We don't want you to feel trapped in your subscription! That said, if we can make something right, please email us at If you decide the subscription is no longer a fit for you and you'd like to cancel, go to your account page from your name drop-down in the top right of any page. On your account page, click on the left-hand "Subscription(s)" panel, then click "Edit" at the bottom. On the Edit page, you can either select "Skip next subscription" at the top, or "Cancel subscription" at the bottom. The cancellation cutoff date is the 14th. In other words, your credit card will automatically be charged around the 15th of each month unless you cancel by end-of-day on the 14th of the month. If you need help, please email

What is the refund policy?

We're sorry that as a small business we cannot offer refunds on boxes that have already been shipped. Part of the fun of a membership is getting a surprise box each month, so that’s a risk you are agreeing to when you join. While we don’t reveal the exact contents in advance, we do announce the theme and give a sneak peek before the 10th of the month to give you a chance to cancel by the cutoff date. If after receiving your shipment you discover you don't care for the contents of a certain box, then that is the perfect opportunity to gift some of the items to another beginning prepper. But make sure you cancel your auto-renewal so you aren’t stuck with another shipment that’s not a good fit for you. (See "How do I cancel," above.)

How can I contact you?

Please email or call 425-670-0830.

Are you ready to subscribe to Blue Sky Scout?

We're glad to have you! Our mission is to help women and families prepare for emergencies and feel confident and ready. Click on "Get Started" below to select your plan, whether month-to-month, six-month prepay, or 12-month prepay. Just make sure to stay with us for 12 months in total in order to build your full, comprehensive kit!